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Convergence and Simplicity

GDS is an International Electronic Solutions provider doing business all over the world. Our company finds and vetts innovative technology to help make both government and enterprise customers more secure by implementing the latest customized strategies that address their unique needs.

Global Defense Synergetics International is a US based company.

All products are NDAA Complient.

Senior Management team includes US Military Veterans management team and industry professionals.

Extensive experience in all aspects of physical security, infrastructure, cybersecurity and cloud-base applications.

Has working knowledge with various government agencies and large medical facilities.

Who is GDS?

GDS is a company with consultant engineering and logistic IoT and security solution services, manufacturing of hardware and software, and installation support divisions. 
GDS offers the above services to large integrators and diverse critical infrastructure end users such as Military, Aviation, Education, Healthcare, Prison, Border, Smart City, Retail and Industrial Sensor Monitoring markets. 
Our portfolio of solutions encompasses a converged approach to  IoT cyber, physical and electronic security. This suite of technology providers can be prioritized to scale with annual budgets both Capex and Opex as a whole or individual parts. 

The Portfolio


The term HyperFortress encompasses the converged solution for all aspects of cyber, physical and electronic security. It includes multiple technologies that can be sold collectively or in custom segments to fit customer needs. 


CyberFortress is the GDS brand describing our IoT cybersecurity solution. It is a suite of technology that is not typically offered by a single vender to address the evolving needs of the customer, especially with the advent of quantum computing. 

Converged Approach

We utilize a converged approach to network security and IoT associated devices. We like to say “we protect our clients’ most critical systems from their most vulnerable devices”.


GDS has a team with hundreds of years collective experience in all aspects of physical and electronic security. Our solutions are shared after our mutual NDA is signed with prospective clients.

Streamling and Automation of Security Operations Center

In todays security world, the newest trend is to streamline and automate processes related to alerts of all types and SOC dispatch. With multiple layers of alerts from access control, emergency notification such as active shooter or armed intruder, preemptive perimeter systems and sensors of all type demand simplification to minimize the chance of delayed appropriate response by dispatch and the appropriate responder with the correct equipment. Streamlined systems augment humans, and can help efficiency and simplify training.

Open Ended Architecture and Legacy Asset Compatible

We look forward to discussing your particular needs and where possible utilizing your legacy assets.

Thank You!

Larry Reese


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